The Gerbil Welcomes You...    

The Gerbil, AKA Kelvin, is a web developer from Leicestershire, England.

For several years I worked at businesses in the area, learning how to (and not to) do good business. After nearly ten years of learning the ropes an opportunity arose that needed more time than a hobby could provide and the time to ditch the training wheels had come.

Since then work has gone from strength-to-strength, and it quickly exceeded the point of saturation. A decision was needed whether to take on additional staff and the extra work, risking a drop in quality while new staff were trained up and the risk of spending skills thin, or to focus down on the work that was worth the experience on offer.

Aviant CMS
Development of the Aviant system is the current primary focus... A clever content management system that is primarily focused on the on-page search engine factors. With factors affecting blogs, e-commerce and forum pages are all different so the need was for a system that covers all the bases. Aviant is in development to be a full replacement over the common systems on the market, these systems often rely on "clever modules" written by third-parties who are solely focused on the functionality of the modules over the impact they may have on search rankings.
As a community styled system all additions requested by clients should benefit others, therefore if you'd like to edit PDF's though your website... not a problem, but it will be writtten so that we can also provide the functionality to others on the system - it'll do whatever you need it to, I just make sure that the extra time is spent making to work for others how they will need.

Other areas of expertise
As a developer I could just develop systems for clients as they are needed... spending a fixed amount of time, at a fixed rate, providing something that ticks a breif, but while these projects can pay well, they only pay once!
I am therefore happy to use his time as an investment into an idea, and take on work for a share of the rewards. Naturally, each project that is taken on by this route is subject to strict vetting, but if the project is something that I like or am passionate about, and  it will provide a good long-running return on investment, then it's of definate interest to me.
Another advantage of this is that every advance in the project and minute spent building out the system provides a greater return on the investment of time.

Get in touch with details of work you are looking to have done for more information.